FRIEND  PARTNER  DEFENDER  DOG​

The Legend of Gelert...

According to legend, Gelert was the favourite

hunting dog of Llywelyn the Great, then the King

of Gwynedd and later ruler of all Wales. An

enthusiastic hunter, Llywelyn maintained a large

hunting pack. Amongst them were a number of

Irish wolfhounds gifted to him by King John of

England, including Gelert.

Before departing for one of his frequent hunts,

Llywelyn left Gelert behind to guard his infant son.

On his return, Gelert ran to meet him, his muzzle

and fur spattered with blood. Concerned,

Llywelyn ran to his son’s nursery, where he finds​

the crib overturned and the room in disarray.

Blood was splashed across the walls and floor,

and his young son was missing.

Believing that Gelert had savaged the infant,

Llewelyn drew his sword and drove it through the

dog’s heart. Just then, he heard a soft cry from

beneath the upturned crib. On lifting it up he

found his son unharmed, alongside the corpse of a

large wolf. Gelert had bravely fought and killed the

intruder in defence of his master’s son. Overcome

with grief, Llewelyn conducted a grand funeral for

Gelert. Unable to ever make amends and haunted

by his beloved dog’s dying yelp, Llewelyn was said

to have never smiled for the rest of his life.


Hawlfraint y Goron / Crown


Words: Dark Tales Blog